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Hilary Anderson
PURE Business Ltd
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I run a local Accountancy & Business Mentoring Practice serving Eastbourne and Brighton. Beyond the day-to-day work of producing Accounts and Tax Returns we just love working alongside business owners or the self-employed, helping them to grow and sustain successful businesses what ever the size and complexity.  Top of our agenda is to give people the skills, confidence and experience they need to enjoy what they do, to remove stress and eliminate financial risk.

  • Strengthening your business plan.
  • Understanding your market and getting the right product or service in front of it.
  • Practical hands-on coaching: developing your Sales, Profit & Loss and Cashflow Plans.
  • Developing confidence and understanding; learn to love numbers and planning!
  • Reviewing what’s working and what needs changing to increase profit or survive.
  • Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Tax / HMRC advice.
  • Excel training; how to create accurate and automatically update sales, P&L and cashflow plan.